• Frog Pocket - Gonglot

    Reviewed by Luca Maini (Igloomag.com)

    Frog Pocket - Gonglot

    A couple years ago I went to a friend's studio where he had dozens of vinyl lying around. I noticed a record by Frog Pocket on the Italian label Afe, and he told me that it was really nice. Unfortunately he forgot to lend it to me, and I feel I missed something really special, since this Gonglot stroked me with its sincere beauty. Someone called it gaelictronica, probably one of the silliest definitions ever, but it gives you a raw idea of what's in store on the album.

    There's plenty of folk instruments and strings, melancholia played sometimes solo and sometimes over skittery beats, ranging from simple hip hop influenced breaks to apocalyptic DSP rushes almost touching the frequencies of Xanopticon or Datach'i. If you're wondering how these elements could work together, just listen to "Hurrah Sapphire Moon!" and you'll experience one of the most emotional pieces of music ever composed. Frog Pocket's talent adds a great value to the simple juxtaposition of classical and electronic music, like few others can do; think Murcof, Bola or Venetian Snares and his Rossz album. If you listened to Frog Pocket's mini album on Benbecula entitled Moon Mountain Of The Fords, this one is more varied and entertaining; it's obviously recommended to those who know and those who don't.

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