• Phthalocyanine - No One Said You Didn't

    Reviewed by Ben Edwards (DJ magazine)

    <b> Phthalocyanine </b> - No One Said You Didn't

    It's difficult to know how to approach Dimitri Fergadis' Phthalocyanine project. For starters, it sounds like a 33rpm car crash stuck on 35. In fact, it would take the harshest, most toxic mind-bending hallucinogens to untangle this chaotic mess. Still, if you can look past the dysfunctional 2000bpm racket, lurking in the rubble are faded shades of Amon Tobin, Carl Cox in his rave days, hardcore gabba and even Belgian techno. Granted, you have to look pretty hard, but it's there if you want it to be. Indeed, Planet Mu have always had a soft spot for the weird and Phthalocyanine is no different where brazen weirdnessi s concerned - the ghostly tortured sheep on 'Rsemary' sees to that. A squat party classic? Maybe. Ddrug-induced stereo rage? Almost certainly.

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