• Phthalocyanine - No One Said You Didn't

    Reviewed by Dave Stenton (iDJ)

    <b> Phthalocyanine </b> - No One Said You Didn't

    It's always with a slight sense of apprehension that I greet the arrival of a new album from Planet Mu, such is the, er, 'uncompromising' nature of the music they release. So, the accompanying press material for Phthalocyanine's second album, which promised some of his 'most listenable' work yet, did little to allay the perpetual unease. I couldn't possibly describe the album (well, I can try: it sounds like David Axelrod remixing Hixxy & Sharkey. Or maybe the other way round. Oh, and there are some electronic cow noises), or claim, accurately at least, to have enjoyed listening to it. But nor can I rule out the possibility that experiencing it has not made me a nicer person: without conclusive proof either way, I'm reluctant to dismiss it entierly.

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