• Phthalocyanine - No One Said You Didn't

    Reviewed by Jonathan Falcone (plan b magazine)

    <b> Phthalocyanine </b> - No One Said You Didn't

    What is the monster doing to music? Does he realise you shouldn't be able to make such noise and get away with it? Does he realise it's brilliant? Phthalocyanine obviously has no respect for musical formats, period. This is good. He takes the rock steady beat of classic house, the wiggling vines of acid techno and higher ended twiddles of electronica and pours them down your eyes. He pumps out squirming pulses before flooding these sand grain mosaics with bleached synth waves that come as the briefest of aural reliefs before the return to regimented neck jerking at 399980898 bpm. Phthalocyanine proves that IDM doesn't have to mean chilled or fractured toy ticks. It can be both, for a second, and then it can just be something completely different.

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