• Phthalocyanine - No One Said You Didn't

    Reviewed by Mike Hills (scubba-cultcha.com)

    <b> Phthalocyanine </b> - No One Said You Didn't

    To say I was a little confused about the name of this artist would be an understatement. Just on the press release you can find three different spellings and no pronunciation guide, so I though I’d better do some investigating. A couple of mouse clicks later and I’d found all the answers:
    Phthalocyanine – Pronunciation Key (th l -s -n n , fth l -)

    - Any of several stable, light-fast, blue or green organic pigments derived from the basic compound (C6H4C2N)4N4 and used in enamels, printing inks, linoleum, and plastics.

    Unfortunately the answers weren’t helping very much either. So I gave up and decided from that point on that I would refer to the artist as ‘X’ (because I can spell that).

    So anyway, a minute later and the CD was in my player. Snap, crackle, pop. The first few beats brought one word to mind – Warp. If only a little less industrial sounding than the electronic releases we have enjoyed from Warp Records in the past, this couldn’t sound anymore similar. It’s the kind of record that either instantly causes your body to move in every direction very quickly, or gives you a headache.

    LA’s Dimitri Fergadis is the man behind the chemical pseudonym and according to his record label a “very quiet well behaved young man”. Somehow I don’t believe this. Slabs of constructed noise are thrown everywhere on this record and in such a way that the man behind it can be anything but sane.

    Bursts of blasting bass are used in every which way and the beats are harder and faster than anything a boy-racer could ever turn up too loud. But it’s unfair to describe this as one layer of sound for this is definitely music made by a very talented musician. Track seven Hilbert Space demonstrates scratch DJ-ing at its best and wouldn’t sound out of place on a release by the highly respected disc ninja Amon Tobin and the beats on the oddly named Sewer System Shrapnel/Rainbow Energy would make even Mr Squarepusher proud.

    We will have to wait until mid January next year for Fergadis’ second release on Planet Mu though, but when this finally hits the shops you can be sure the electro heads will go crazy for it.

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