• Phthalocyanine - No One Said You Didn't

    <b> Phthalocyanine </b> - No One Said You Didn't

    If Gabbacore was played by orchestras, “No One Said You Didn’t” sounds like its musicians tuning their instruments before an ear-grinding performance. Dimitri Fergadis is a veteran of this game, both as an artist and as curator of the amazingly astute and always challenging Phthalo imprint. When you think that artists as noted as Dntel and Daedalus emerged from his home-spun cottage industry, you get a good idea of just how on-the-money his selection skills have been. “No One Said You Didn’t”, despite the cacophanous racket, actually shows signs of the man as musician starting to mellow out. Nesstled alongside the crashing structures and tumbling, squashed breaks, you’ll find a finely tuned melodic determination with a decidedly blue slant. Almost like a jumbled-up Aphex Twin, keeping the edits tight, witnessed best on the killer rewinds decimated to full effect on “Hilbert Space” or the psyched-up adrenaline rush of the closing “Gunslinger’s Death”. A cracking start to the year for Planet Mu, good to have one of its earliest signings back for the party.

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