• Various - Amµnition

    Reviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz (chaindlk.org)

    <b> Various </b> - Amµnition

    Gathering different tracks from different Planet Mu releases of the second half of the label's catalog, AMMUNITION isn't a classic compilation, because the tracks have been mixed by Mike Paradinas just to form a unique changing long track (the tracks, if I'm not wrong, aren't in their original lenght). In this way you can find in a row six Venetian Snares tracks, Chevron, The Gasman, Datach'i, Hellfish, Rude Ass Tinker, Hellfish again, to name few. It is important to notice that the final result is the most important thing about this project and this compilation isn't only a marketing thing. Mike created something different using 34 tracks from his label's back catalog (except Venetian Snares'"Whiskydrunk", Datach'i's "Ed's head", Hellfish's "U don't quit", Rude Ass Thinker's "Magical digital", Shitmat's "Bloodclot jungle tekno" and Lexaunculpt's "Extinct anatomie rehersal" which are exclusive to this CD) giving to the audience the right impression of the concept that is behind the label itself. In this way we've got 80 minutes to enjoy. 80 minutes of kinky rhithms, innovative sounds and intriguing atmospheres which goes beyond the simple i.d.m. music.

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