• Electronic Music Composer - Abandon Music

    Reviewed by The Wire (The Wire)

    <b> Electronic Music Composer </b> - Abandon Music

    This prosaically monikered outfit features Ken Gibson from Eight Frozen Modules working alongside Ian Read. 'Abandon Music' is bypical, if superior fare from Planet Mu - twisting, drilled beats underpinning analogue trompe l'oeil effects and waked out sample interruptions. All your favorite IDM signifiers are present and correct, corralled into perfect formation by the prodigiously gifted prorammers. What makes the album stand out, however, are its dubbier excursions. The clever anipulations of time and space on tracks like "Regional Carcas" and "Too Man Gringos Moving Into The Neighbourhood" contrast well with the full-on drillcore mania of "Wretched Idea", giving the album a tight but expansive structure. The best track is the suspended, beatless "Adoption Of The Blank", a fraying soundscape that recalls some of Ken Ishii's early Ambient tracks. Like Ishii, EMC have the rare ability to make essentially static forms sound full of tension and incident. It would be interesting to see them exploring this abstract territory more thoroughly on future releases.