• Electronic Music Composer - Abandon Music

    Reviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz (chaindlk.org)

    <b> Electronic Music Composer </b> - Abandon Music

    EMC is a duo made up of Ken Gibson (also active as [a]pendics.shuffle, 8fm, Pre Wig, Bal Cath and Rev Com) and Ian Read. By listenin to ABANDON MUSIC I thought instantly to this definition: raggae / dub music played by Autechre. In my opinion this give instantly an idea of the sound of the first half of the album, while the remaining five tracks are more like a deconstruction of a dance tune with deranged rhythmical parts where the tracks stops and go and at each stop they lose a part just like an old car that runs down the hills. The only exception is represented by "Adoption of the blank", where the ambient i.d.m. takes an hold and the crazy rhythmical parts are substituted by an electronic magma that makes its way through the radio frequencies. Even if the album isn't immediately enjoyable little by little the tracks shows their personality and make of ABANDON MUSIC a CD to discover.

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