• Electronic Music Composer - Abandon Music

    <b> Electronic Music Composer </b> - Abandon Music

    Behind the suspiciously named Electronic Music Composer moniker are Kenneth Gibson and Ian Read. Elements of EFM are clearly audible all the way through, with the insurgent dancehall beat of Everything New Is Old firmly setting the tone. Full-on digital beat explosions and fat bass lines supported by violent bouts of acid squelches are found on the best part of this record. It is often difficult to make up any proper melody through the constant assault of tachycardiac rhythmic patterns and loose sonic elements.

    If tracks such as Everything New Is Old or Wretched Idea do not bring anything radically new to the hardcore equation, EMC often play with some interesting concepts on this album, as on the falsely downbeat Regional Carcas or the strange post-industrial disco of Skintight Kink, while the pair also demonstrate a similarly interesting exploratory process, albeit tamed, on some of the more subtle moments on offer here. Adoption Of The Blank is perhaps the clearest manifestation of this, with Gibson and Read processing white noise and radio interferences into an interesting piece of ambient.

    Less hectic than Venetian Snares, more arrogant than Squarepusher, Eight Frozen Modules and Electronic Music Composer evolve in the vicinity of each other, with Crumbling & Responding and Abandon Music showing extensive family traits. More complementary than similar, these two albums could almost be two sides to a same story.

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