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    <b> Electronic Music Composer </b> - Abandon Music

    Whilst the name Electronic Music Composer may sound like the kind of thing they gave away as prizes to slavering teens on Blockbuster back in the day, it is in fact the collaborative project of Ian Read and Eight Frozen Modules' Ken Gibson. Coming at you like a snarling electronic bison, EMC are straight at your throats with the rotating beats and acid dusted peaks of the dancehall influenced 'Everything New is Old'. Taking a leaf out of Bogdan Raczynski's less pink hued back catalogue, EMC keep things taut on the agitated rhythms of 'Submit Code' rattling through beat signatures as bubbling shards of electro assault you on all sides. For those who think Squarepusher has wussed out in recent years, 'Regional Carcas' will serve as a potent remedy, daubing fist fulls of shredded digital debris over the walls as a rising tide of crunching electro submerges the lot. Slowing down just long enough to catch breath on the bleeping souled 'Too Many Gringos Moving to the Neighbourhood', EMC then launch a beat of Plastikman relentlessness onto which they graft jittery vocals and some proper Ye Olde 808 action. Like a Fisherman's Friend enema, check!

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