• The Gasman - The Grand Electric Palace Of Variety

    Reviewed by Lawrence English (Time off)

    <b> The Gasman </b> - The Grand Electric Palace Of Variety

    Chris Reeves, the Portsmouth-based musician otherwise known as The Gasman, has what can only be assumed to be a very short attention span… or a love of simply ramming unusual musical shapes together.

    As the title suggests, this record is a treasure trove of change, a majestic journey through experiments in melody and groove. Drawing on the techno movements of countries like Belgium in the early 90s, we’re treated to some of eccentric electronic music’s finer moments.

    Reeves creates clusters of organ-like chords, echoed through reverb chambers and plonked aloft wavering grooves that sound like enclosed insects slowly being poked and prodded by machinery to extract their unusual sounds. It’s genuinely refreshing audio for the ears.

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