• The Gasman - The Grand Electric Palace Of Variety

    Reviewed by Ben Murphy (DJ magazine)

    <b> The Gasman </b> - The Grand Electric Palace Of Variety

    The Gasman in question is less like a fellow that changes extortionate amounts to fix your boiler, and more like an amorphous phantom obsessed with odd ambience. Chris Reeves' new double album is a trip into haunted territory over two CDs. On CD1, the largely beatless electronics conceal deep layers of melody and invention. CD2, meanwhile, throws crazed beats into the heady melodic mixture. On 'Broken CD Player' he cuts up the normally irritating sound of the title to invoke ghostly choirs - it's impressive and beguiling. A love of old hardcore/rave can be seen in the keyboard bashing and 4/4s of 'Flume' - a decidedly strange piece of techno. And 'Bontempi Lutein' is simply electronic music done properly. Within 34 tracks there's a lot to wade through, but the flashes of brilliance make that worth the trip.

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