• The Gasman - The Grand Electric Palace Of Variety

    <b> The Gasman </b> - The Grand Electric Palace Of Variety

    Massive double-cd set from Portsmouth’s Chris Reeves for Planet Mu, once again pairing his love of Aphex-style playful intricacies with a harrowing line in abandoned dancehall instrumentals. The opening of this album defies expectations with its dense splice-up of choral phrases and ghostly ice-rink vibes, seemingly influenced by VVM’s Caretaker and Akira Rabelais’ haunting choir re-arrangements. ‘Imodium’ does this particularly well, you don’t quite now what you’re listening to as the dis-assembled choir start to sound like they’re building themselves up for an Amen tumble that never arrives – brilliant stuff. Elsewhere the beautiful piano cascades and breaks of “Fridge” illustrate Gasman’s lilting hardcore sensibilities at their best – some choice cuts across this album’s mammoth 34 tracks. Recommended.

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