• Chevron - Everything's Exactly The Same

    Reviewed by Luke Killen (cyclic defrost)

    <b> Chevron </b> - Everything's Exactly The Same

    Chevron’s latest album veers from 8 bit buzz, tracker-produced chopiness to warm Bola-like bass and sweet blip. Jungle is clearly close to the heart of Jonathan Valentine. This is particularly evident in Running Out of Time and the cheeky Rudi The Techno Pioneer where a rolling bass line trundles along with dynamic breaks all toasted to a Christmas song. Ever so often we are treated to a glimpse of punk sentiment that’s cuts short like a noisy child shushed by its parents. Rudolf (the Red-nosed Reindeer) also gets his nod towards the end. Where some tracks may sit within the chopped up amen jungle genre throughout, others will begin with a dark square wave bass, to become in an instant melodic pleasure. Any given track may leap from style to style; one second a Nintendo ditty, the next an atmospheric pool of zero gravity and ambience. Time on Kingdom is liquid - drum signatures change from millisecond to millisecond never disrupting only enticing, like tumbling helplessly through the songs fabric. The highlight of the record is Polyphonic Ringtone which teases with a ringtone version of Kraftwerk’s Tour de France only to imerge as a ska influenced electronic pop tune. The album has moments of earlier Planet-u in the form of the long absent Jega and his grainy but imaginative productions - these are the kinds of records that formed Planet Mu sound.

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