• Chevron - Everything's Exactly The Same

    Reviewed by Céline Lecompte (funkymofo.net)

    <b> Chevron </b> - Everything's Exactly The Same

    Jonathan Valentine aka Chevron is nothing short of an electronic music genius. It’s only February and it’s already the second time this year that a new artist has blasted Funky Mofo’s ears!

    “Everything’s Exactly The Same” is a marvel of sound production: drifting between drum ‘n’ bass, jungle and hardcore it still manages to encapsulate melody within its space. A great thing about this album is that almost every track lives up to its title, literally speaking, “Cyberia”, “London” and “Polyphonic Ringtone” are the most obvious examples. Here Valentine explores soundscapes thus depicting sensations and energies. “Everything’s Exactly The Same” is actually a misleading title: the album transcribes at times a strangely listenable chaotic mishmash of electronica and at others a flow of beautifully quiet tunes.

    Chevron’s first release certainly hits the spot and we can only hope any future live performance will live up to the studio recordings. We are looking forward to experience Chevron on stage! This is an exciting debut album and we shall keep an eye on Chevron.

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