• Chevron - Everything's Exactly The Same

    <b> Chevron </b> - Everything's Exactly The Same

    Maybe it's my age but I'm finding myself feeling increasingly indifferent to a lot electronica these days, so being moderately entertained by this new one from Chevron was a pleasantly reassuring experience. As far as I'm aware this is only the second Chevron (aka Jonathan Valentine) release on Mike Paradinas' imprint, and follows on from the "Swimmin' Lessons" single - also the opening track on this selection - released almost 2 years ago (surely he must have had releases on other labels in the meantime but I have to say, they've passed me by). Sitting about 2 thirds along the Mu scale of harshness (if, say, Tim Tetlow's warm, melodic, BoC-esque sound was at the end nearest us and the likes of Shitmat and Speedranch - who appears on this album as a lyricist! - were at the other) this is, for the most part, a listenable album. There's the odd glitch-fest like "London" or "Bathyscaphe" but there's also well structured, quality electronica in the shape of "Dutty Goes to Blockbusters", "Power of Eternia" and "Going Out of My Head". Overall, the whole album is delivered in unmistakable Planet µ style which, incidentally, I think says a lot about the integrity of Mike Paradinas in his A&R role - you could hardly say that Warp have an instantly recognisable sound these days and even Rephlex seem to have veered off track. With a lot of clever touches, like the use of Kraftwerk on "Polyphonic Ringtone" and the Kate Bush vocal cut-up on "Emails and Viruses", this easily sits among the best Planet µ releases of late and is definitely worth seeking out.

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