• Chevron - Everything's Exactly The Same

    Reviewed by Mike kraked (logarhythm)

    <b> Chevron </b> - Everything's Exactly The Same

    This is an album that many of us have been waiting for with baited breath. We all have the swimming lessons 7" that came out a few years back on planet Mu. It lead us to believe that Chevron’s material was all going to be down tempo beautiful electronica. Then we went to the gigs and got slapped about by huge bass lines and mashed up beats. From those fantastic performances an excitement began to build. Well, the wait has certainly been worth it.

    The album opens with the quite steppy, fun almost pop-like Polyphonic ring tone, which bounces along nicely and was always a live favourite. Next up is the high point of the album for me. 'Running out of time' begins with an orchestral sounding arrangement that really uplifts. Harps seems to be playing in perfect harmony with electronic chords. Just as you begin to relax and let it flow over you, it breaks without warning with a terrifying stabbing noise that shatters the bliss. It’s then backed up by thundering breaks and a screaming ragga vocal. The orchestral element is never lost – it’s left floating in the background contributing to the track’s fantastic melody. It’s this sort of touch that sets it apart from most 10 a penny raggamuffin electronica raffamuffin tunes. The breakdown offers some gorgeous chords that are reminiscent of Orbital (yes before you start, that is a good thing). In fact, this track characterises something the whole album displays in abundance, and that is Chevron’s incredible production skills. Everything sounds on the money crystal clarity and there are no lazy shortcuts, no cutting and pasting/looping beats. You can tell that this album has been a painstaking labour of love.

    'London' is another track that has a steppy feel while it announces to us that 'London is a cunt'. It smacks of old school sensibilities with the sample sounding like those old acid techno tunes "London acid city, "Fuck it I’m a drug bucket" and "Hackney Council are a bunch of cunts". The steppy feel to the tracks on this album do not make it sound like some sordid 2-step garage rip off or Grime wannabe. It has a style all of its own that is 100% more dance floor friendly.

    Flip the vinyl for a great Christmassy Jungle rinse out. Nicely mashed up rhythms run to the melody of we wish you a merry Christmas. There is no way of getting away from the fact that this track is daft as a brush but when you consider that Chevron lives with Shitmat you start to get the picture. Top draw twatcore.

    This album contains a number of different styles from nice electronica to mashed up dancefloor monsters (such as the power of eternia which samples Heman). But all the way through it has a seal of quality and a feel to it that says it’s Chevron’s work. This is a damn fine debut album and I am sure it’s going to be the first of many. His skills are developing at an almost alarming rate and Mike Paradinas was very clever to spot him in those early stages. If you have not seen this lad out live yet, you are really missing out.

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