• Chevron - Everything's Exactly The Same

    Reviewed by Sam (tesselate.me.uk)

    <b> Chevron </b> - Everything's Exactly The Same

    'Chevron's LP [ZIQ092] drops on Valentine's day (see, his name is J.Valentine) with a corker of an album containing many of the live classics from the past 2 years.' Lets Chevron it right up..

    "Swimmin Lessons" pops up in front of you and pixelates in and out of focus, jettisoning 8 bit style madness out of every pore like a fountain made of crunchy bits and bytes. It all goes quiet for a little while but only until the distortion star wars project style laser strikes and thunder wakes burst into life, and jack the room with the aid of a circuit induced vocal that almost puts you into a trance. Interesting stuff.
    Classic piano chimes ring out at the beginning of "Running out of time" but ive got a feeling it may explode all up in this place in a moment, but it doesnt, instead a very orchestral arrangement fills the sky and forces you into visions of structural elegance. Oh no I was wrong, that Chevron lulled us into a fall sense of security. The track floods itself up to the balls with aggressive cuts and strikes, and spits out a fast furious ragga style vocal over the top, this all with the melody from before ducking underneath. An amazing combination of styles that works so well. Awesomes.

    "Optic Realisation" takes it cinematic, with huge washes of cool colours and sparkling light explosions that emit no sound when bursting into nothingness, which all merge together to form a hard edged square formation which is covered in pulsing glows and intelligent rumblings. A welcoming robotic conversation between two powerful but considerate pieces of technology takes place between the audio visual battle that is taking place in the gap above the dark dark machine, which is still managing to amaze itself with every burst of artificial craziness it self generates. Fuckin excellent track, dont skip this one ny accident.

    "Rudi the techno pioneer" takes it back into the Planet Mu style of the moment, with a driving dancehall ragga vocal, a pulsating rotational drumstrike pattern, and what sounds like 'we wish you a merry christmas' underlying tune, is this some dark grimy version of that festive song? I think it is. Mad stuff.
    "Kingdom" is another epic track from Chevrons expansive mind, full to the lid with awe inspiring technology and audio tinkering that has to be heard to fully appreciate the magic playing around here. Hacked up drums join in the fun and add that slightly jarred element of originality that is rife in this releases. Excellent.

    "Polyphonic Ringtone" is a barrel of glitch on fire, inside an ammunition factory, which is situated next door to a fireworks factory and just across the way from the rebel hideout and all the x-wings and etc etc...just check it out..more quality. Masters of the Universe and all that....shittin shittin shittin mad track.
    Ok whats next...ah yeh, "I remember" jacks you into the nearest portal and really does a job on you, by processing you directly into the chaos core of this standalone console, just be careful in there, its frantic stuff.

    Bubbling lights and seethrough monsters are all over the place in "Going out of my head". Ghostly vocals remind you of the track name, as a bassline generates from the scraps of technology littering the floor and turns this into a friendly plod through the middle of next week, whilst " Emails and Viruses" blows out a heavy deep bassline and what sounds like Kate Bush filtered througn an Aol advert, from what probably reads like it could be one messed up track, develops a shitmad delivered slice of excellence.
    Keep listening to this one right to the end, for a warped journey through a Game Gears mind right at the end.

    Shitttttt, what can I say about this, apart from frickin mad. One of those albums that spews originality and unique combinations of audio greatness that you cannot stop listening and replaying. This really is that good, and just opens a massive window and lets in so so many ideas that its hard to soak it all in.

    Everything is definetly NOT exactly the same.

    I am truly amazed by what Chevron has done here. Killer album. 300 out of 10.

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