• Julian Fane - Special Forces

    Reviewed by Lee Henderson (Junkmedia)

    <b> Julian Fane </b> - Special Forces

    Special Forces is a tender, sincere debut album of minor chords and operatic shapes, made by one young man in complete seclusion. Out of thin air comes Julian Fane, shy prodigy of the Canadian Northwest, crooning and swooning in the inchoate style made popular by such eccentrics as Sigur Ros and the Danielson Family. A song like "Safety Man" is their equivalent on all levels, and a touch more mysterious for not being quite so easy to legitimize. Sigur Ros is from Iceland, and the Danielson Family is a modern art piece. What gives a lad from Vancouver the right to moan like a possessed doll? Does he have enough existential dread stored up to earn him Thom Yorke's voice? This is a wonderful album in a bottle.

    Undisturbed by the world, Fane's music loves music. You can hear how he doted on every sound, and there's as much Prokofiev as Autechre. A lot of attention was paid to the flow from song to song, and there must be a story behind Special Forces that Fane will need to explain. For now, it's just exciting to hear how it goes.

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