• Julian Fane - Special Forces

    Reviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz (chaindlk.org)

    <b> Julian Fane </b> - Special Forces

    Julian Fane is a young guy but he isn't an inexperienced musician. He could be young but he balanced the apparent lack of experiences, which common people would think a young guy could have, with creativity. SPECIAL FORCES is his first album and it contains so many moods and musical ambiences that you'll be surprised. Julian blends atmospheres a la Robert Wyatt (on "Safety man" and "Freezing in haunted water") with classical moments (see his piano arrangements) and i.d.m. extravaganza (see the deconstructed structure of many background sounds as well as some rhythmic solutions on tracks like "Book repository" and "In space"). Tracks like "Book repository" will capture you with their hypnotic ambientations and will convice you that there should be something magic going on in Canada. SPECIAL FORCES is an album to discover little by little and you'll find something special also in its sad atmospheres. In this case sad hasn't got a self destructive meaning but it's mostly introspective and this album is really packed of feelings. Not that bad for a 21 year guy, don't you think?

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