• Julian Fane - Special Forces

    Reviewed by Paul Regelbrugge (Big Takeover magazine)

    <b> Julian Fane </b> - Special Forces

    Although I am typically drawn to music much more organic than this largely keyboard and computer-programmed affair, pieces in the key of such a profound melancholy as this sure do amplify the meanderings of my own soul. Swane, obviously on intimate terms with the strange bedfellows of beauty and sadness, mixes instrumentals with singing on this solitary night companion of a record. When he does sing, especially on the mesmerizing "Dark Net," he is like a more reclusive, fragile Thom Yorke, singing as if the walls are closing in around him but no one knows and no one cares. The wordless closer, "Exit New Year," plays like a dream for those who dare yet to hope.

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