• Kid Spatula - Meast

    Reviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz (chaindlk.org)

    <b> Kid Spatula </b> - Meast

    Mike Paradinas is an experimenter of electronic delicatessen and he's active on different fronts of the electronic scene: with µ-ZIQ and with the Planet Mu label (he runs it and he's also the owner). This new double CD (his third one released as Kid Spatula on Planet Mu) contains material picked up from his 1994/1998 DAT archives. The thirty four tracks paint a wide range of ambients and atmospheres passing through ambient music (see the last tracks of the first CD), jungle music and jazzy interludes. It's like being at a melting pot of different genres where IDM meet ambient, electronica and jazz. All the tracks are instrumental and they are able to create a good atmosphere with melodic moments. Not every track is a good one, sometimes you've got the impression that something is missing, but fortunately most of them are good and interesting tracks where Mike add layers of intriguing sounds, melodies and rhythms (like on the beautiful "My Piano And Me") where you can discover something new at each listening. If you think that on these release you can find packed two hours and twenty minutes of cool electronic music and sounds, you'll find yourself forced to check this out!

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