• Kid Spatula - Meast

    Reviewed by Dan Collins (cyclic defrost)

    <b> Kid Spatula </b> - Meast

    Mike Paradinas is a busy man. Apart from running the Planet-Mu label and releasing unique work under many pseudonyms across many genres, he has managed to don the Kid Spatula hat for a while, and dusted off 34 quality tracks originally created in the 94-98 period. The Kid Spatula pseudonym seems to be reserved for work which is largely playful and melodic, with Meast being the 3rd release following on from Full Sunken Breaks (Planet Mu, 2000) and Spatula Freak (Reflective, 1995). Two discs of ideas, thoughts, and previous musings - a big ask of any artist. Yet Meast is rich with playful electronic escapism, harking back to the days of simple and catchy melodies, with solid beats. This alongside beautiful ambient constructions, the album is quite diverse and somewhat more disparate than what we are used to hearing from Paradinas. Which is not to say that the majority of tracks on the album are unfinished or unpolished. Far from it. The album has quite a few highlights, including the haunting Trike and the dark hip hop driven Carrier. These, alongside beautiful ambient constructions such as Member, My Piano & Me and Pound provide a well rounded insight into the mind of Paradinas, especially during the period which some offer as his most groundbreaking and prolific. With so much music on show, Meast offers Paradinas at his most versatile, and shows that to have so much great music unreleased (until now) is a measure of the depth of his talent.

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