• Kid Spatula - Meast

    Reviewed by dan p (gusset)

    <b> Kid Spatula </b> - Meast

    Mike Paradinas, like many of his contemporise, releases music under several different pseudonyms, µ-ziq being the most famous, using each of these like a unique musical personality. Kid Spatula seems to be the platform for material rooted in the early 90's rave scene and is highly reminiscent of his first two albums under the µ-ziq moniker (on Rephlex Records around the same said period). Jackal is the best example of this.
    Highlights of this two CD, 34 track monster, include opener Housewife which delivers the goods from the start, with one of the catchiest synth parts this side of 80's pop, the sitar and orchestral string sampling drum and bass anthem of Off Lemon, the atmospheric ramblings of Member, the jolting chords of My Piano and Me, the fantastic drum part from Further 2 that was obviously a beat box in another life, the ominous Carrier and the distorted Hip-Hop masterpiece Residue.
    The short but sweet Lesque starts in much the same way as Bilious Paths opener Johnny Maastricht, but doesn't dive into the same 2-stop garage anthem that's now expected, it just draws out that intro then introduces some distorted drums just before the end. Whilst Spacious Hallway shares a lot of elements with Scaling from Royal Astronomy.
    Contrary to this, with its bouncing bass line and Casio sounding drums Broccoli couldn't be any further removed from its namesake on the Slag Boom Van Loom album recorded with Speedy J.
    The tracks on this album were all recorded between 1994 and 1998 and to an extent this shows. Don't by this expecting anything revolutionary, but it is still far from just a cobbling together of old tracks. This album shows Paradinas at his most versatile and has far more great music on it that most other artists would be able to scrape together from old DATs. An interesting retrospective of previously unreleased material, if that's possible?

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