• Kid Spatula - Meast

    Reviewed by Paul Simpson (unknown)

    <b> Kid Spatula </b> - Meast

    Well, nobody liked the last few µ-ziq albums (just kidding, I did), so might as well throw together some more outtakes and release them as a new album. Hey, it’s worked for Aphex, hasn’t it? It hasn’t? Fuck.
    This starts well enough, with a slightly cheesy but fun track called “Housewife”, which has a nice answering machine sample and some silly keyboards and beats. “Shistner’s Bassflex” has familiar (for Mike P) bloopy synths and simple beats. “Spacious Hallway” has more of the slightly sinister string sounds Mike explored on Royal Astronomy (which, fuck you and fuck every music critic in the entire world, is my favorite album Paradinas has produced). “Further 2” features human beatbox samples, and comes closest to recapturing the magic and sheer brilliance of Lunatic Harness. But then “Tugboat” goes on way too long with a sample and melody and beat that just aren’t interesting for 6 minutes in a row. A lot of the rest of the tracks are shorter interlude type tracks, which sometimes seem a bit unfinished/underdeveloped. And why is “Residue”, one of the most distorted and weird-sounding and interesting tracks on the entire album, less than 2 minutes long?!?! I could certainly go for 4 more minutes of that, instead of the 5 or 6 minutes of bumbling beats and MIDI synth strings that make up most of the rest of the album’s tracks. Two tracks that had previously appeared as B-sides on promo-only µ-ziq singles (“Trike”) and as MP3s at The Raft, Virgin’s website (“Jackal”) also make appearances here. “Jackal” in particular has been one of my favorite Mike P. tracks for a while, because it’s so damn happy and fast and fun. Considering the last Kid Spatula album contained some very successful forays into breakcore and gabber, it’s a shame that the only track with Amen breaks here is “Off Lemon”, which also has some vaguely Eastern sounding synth sounds, and is really fucking awesome. Besides this disc 2 has “Orange Crumble” which certainly sounds like something any µ-ziq fan has heard before, in both title and sound. It’s still good tho. “Detlov Bronk” is a Jega remix, and sounds, well, like an IDM-y track. I dunno. And basically the rest of the second disc is just standard Mike P. fare (as opposed to classic Mike P.).
    So basically, this is a good album to check out if yr a huge µ-ziq fan, but not the treasure trove of unearthed treasures that it may appear to be at first

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