• Kid Spatula - Meast

    Reviewed by Gillian Nash (logo magazine)

    <b> Kid Spatula </b> - Meast

    Two discs of ideas, vignettes and unreleased snapshots is probably pushing it for any artist, even one with as wide an appeal as Bruce Springsteen; the mind that decided the world needed the same from an artist whose entire oeuvre is based on the strange sounds that can be coaxed out of black boxes should have his head examined then. This but for one thing, Kid Spatula is Mike Paradinas, aka É -Ziq, a man for whom the boxes are both the means and the end, and though the 34 tracks that comprise ‘Meast’ are drawn from the back of the drawer marked ‘1994-1998’, there are two whole albums of necessary music here. Nothing is half-finished, everything is more than satisfactory. Examine that man’s head and you’ll find the word ‘Genius’ glowing there.

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