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  • Kid Spatula - Meast

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    <b> Kid Spatula </b> - Meast

    New album from Mike (u-ziq) Paradinas,consisting of unreleased material from 94-98.37 tracks spread over 2 discs,over 2 hours of excellent music,a must for for any self respecting electronica fan.The full album is a gorgeous trip into where mikes head was while he was creating such classic albums such as 'lunatic Harness' and 'Roayl Astronomy'.

    Kinky opener 'housewife' recalls moments from 2000s full sunken breaks,twisted synth loops backed the plea of a er...housewife to be satisfied.

    'shistners bassflex' is pure genious,beautiful melodies and i mean really beautiful,cascade over mikes' sweet beats,a real emotional and heartfelt track.'Orange Crumble' meanwhile is an atmospheric breakbeat track,a fine of example of what Mike Paradinas music can do,like the rest of the album,it evokes sweet childhood memories and i know it sounds cheesy,makes you feel kinda warm inside.

    Imagine being beside a burning logfire cuddled up to a loved one,it's snowing outside and you feel like a bit of music,this is what you'd listen to....

    They are far too many highlights to mention,but tracks such as 'bobby',''weiro' and 'measty' really shine and are among the best music he's ever wrote.A classic album from the genres' leading shining light.A showcase of the mans vivid imagination,versatility and class.A must have.

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