• Kid Spatula - Meast

    Reviewed by Sam (tesselate.me.uk)

    <b> Kid Spatula </b> - Meast

    New release on Planet-Mu.

    "Housewife" kicks it all off with a robots journey through an evil ghost house packed to the hilt with spooks, warlocks and demons. The acid style attack melody sparks off itself and cuts the droids vocal chip to pieces, ejecting slices of splutter speech into the mix.
    Sly samples of mail-order brides describing themselves to you in an attempt to make there way to the west, are laid below the zingy melody "my eyes are blue, I'm desperate for you". Killer track to start it all off.

    "Shistners bassflex" is a character rich glass bow melody for all the sunshine people out there, get them solar panels out now, whilst "Further 2" takes you inside the mind of a Casio synth and spits jabbering vocals all up in the place, which take your mind to the edge and back. Breakbeat spluttercore for all.

    "Local jogger" barrages you with semi shrill soundwhirls which float around in the air like awol chopper blades, but only until the bassline and beat drop in to say hello. The scene is set, and it brings up images of sprite rich amiga games, with a slight element of playfulness chucked in for good measure. Mad track.

    "Residue" hacks deep into the mind of a speak and spell and instantly chucks back at you a harsh glitch pattern cloud ridden voice which sits in with the beat so well, you cant keep still.
    "Disclosed" gives off that 80's vibe with a power synth and floating flute melody sitting high above like a drunk pigeon. Just remember to hang on as you speed deep into the heart of the plastic kingdom, with the music all around you. Take some photos of all the crazy animals you see. Cool.
    "Off lemon" drops you into an arabic parlour as the bell rich and sparkly harsh melody transports your mind into tomorrow, with the aid of a manic beat which takes it to the next level. Hide from the conductor as tickets are not cheap on the magic carpet. The perfect soundtrack to Indiana Jones 4 : Indy and the drum machine. Its all about that and then some.
    "Orange crumble" is a friendly cube with rounded edges who has knocked to see if you are coming down the woods, unfortunately he only speaks in starbubble, which although sounding damn fine, is shit hard to translate. Down the acetate woods you discover a secret tunnel full of splashcrash people who dance to your commands, and dance they do. This place is a secret between me and you yeh?

    "Weiro" pushes you into a pulse pounding slot and then attempts to upload piano cloud rhythms into your available brain space. Textures file into place as the rubber cutting melody hypnotises you and calms you down, only until an error box appears 'You are running low of space on drive b'...just warning you, says the purple robot in his sarcastic voice. Sorted.

    "Mocaseg" brings a new style in, jungle click ejection is the name. Reminding me of Far Cry which I'm playing at the moment, you picture deep undergrowth and hazy slashes of sunshine which just attempt to break the thick tree cover. Rich atmospheric audio which washes the engine fumes from your round titanium face, or is it aluminium?
    "Measty" drips you slowly into a massive petri dish and dampens your mind with a super sub melody and spiralling rhythm, which takes you back to 1996 with the vibe it kicks off, whilst "Mighty softstep" engages you in a slow mindgame which has all the brooding sub plots you could want. Deep pipey echo pulses, skim along the dry landscape, dragging up thin rope like cuts of bone which pierce the rubber skin to your spacesuit creating textures that only the machines can hear. Take a listen.

    "Broccoli" pings and brushes itself against the ridged wall creating a gametime melody which is rich to the maximum. Crisp click beats flourish in the oxygen rich room, as all the bots hit the dancefloor for a final time as the party slowly winds down. There is no stopping these frickin droids as they click and jolt on the white red and blue dancefloor as the tune spits itself out via massive bowl like speakers all up on the ceiling. A damn fine track.

    "Meast" is a journey through the years with Kid Spatula. Unreleased material for you all to enjoy. This review was just a sample of the Thirty four tracks on these two cd's, make sure you got plenty of time and soak in what Mr Paradinas has been upto over the years. Cool shit.


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