SHITMAT Killababylonkutz

  • Shitmat - Killababylonkutz

    <b> Shitmat </b> - Killababylonkutz

    Oh man, is this good! We've been going on and on about drum and bass, the amen break, all that late nineties jungle, and how we can never get enough. Well, we can't. And it seems like we needn't worry. Lately we've had reissues of classic Remarc stuff as well as that wicked Soundmurderer mix cd from a few months back. But as you know, we may love jungle, but we especially like our beats BIG and HEAVY and DISTORTED, so when we discovered DJ Scud and all that Ambush label stuff as well as Kevin Martin's Bug project, who took dancehall and infused it with spastic jungle rhythms and then distorted and twisted them into intense and abrasive, speaker destroying, head banging, dance floor clearing kicks to the head, we were SOLD. And as the beats got heavier and more twisted, and the hard dancehall got harder and harder we were in heaven. So here we have the latest and maybe greatest in a long line of digital hardcore style dancehall mashups, courtesy of one fellow called Shitmat. One thing to point out is that all of the tracks on Killababylonkutz are actually the same song, but it's a testimony to Shitmat's deft hand and skillful progamming that it took us a while to even realise that we were listening to really different versions of the same song! The toasting is hard and fierce, a raspy Jamaican howl, fleet and tongue-twisting, but over the course of the record, it's sped up and chopped up, slowed down and stretched out, so that if you weren't paying attention, you would really think the vocals on each track were completely different. And of course everything is buried in an avalanche of buzzing, spastic beats, tumbling all over the place, threatening to fall into utter chaos, complete noise, but always barely hanging on and slipping back into a wickedly catchy, prickly and pounding beat. Sonically, Shitmat twists his original "Babylon", into all sorts of shapes, a loping reggae dirge with buzzing bass and throbbing beats, all out splattery drill and bass, classic 4 on the floor hardcore jungle, and everything in between. Towards the end of the record, he lets things get a little goofy like mashing up the "Babylon" vocals to Survivor's "Eye Of The Tiger" and using what sounds like the theme from Benny Hill! Still fun but silly. But c'mon, who cares?!? It hardly matters since the rest of the record is so good, and so hard, and so heavy and so totally great! Fans of DHR, Alec Empire, DJ Scud, DJ/ Rupture and the like who have been itching for some more serious hardcore dancehall mayhem may find this stuck in their cd player FOREVER!

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