• Shitmat - Killababylonkutz

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    <b> Shitmat </b> - Killababylonkutz

    "The cover art says more than words ever could – a lion, rocking an orange puffa jacket and fuck-off 'AMEN' ring, toting a machine gun and puffing an impressive spliff. This is ruder than five drug dealers in a blacked-out Golf GTI. Splendid. Brighton's Henry 'Shitmat' Collins knows how to sonically announce his full-length arrival too. Within a minute of 'Original Babylon' cranking into life, we're threatened this will 'blow yer fuckin' heads off'. Barely 60 seconds later and the large round parts of your speakers will die, viciously, with sub-woofer low-end levels previously only rivalled by atomic bombs and aeroplanes breaking the sound barrier. The basic formula's simple: drill bad boy amen breaks and ragga rapping into mainstream 'classics', with added TV theme tunes for good measure. Consequently, this burgles samples – you suspect of the slightly non-approved sort – from a raft of pop culture giants and anomalies: Michael Jackson, Ace of Base, 'Eye Of The Tiger', 'Rainbow', 'Mastermind' and 'Benny Hill'. By comparison, 'The Grey Album' is a law-abiding model citizen. Let's not forget though that the traditional bootleg mix 'scene' is very BAD. Requiring little more 'talent' than the ability to locate two CD players and a cross-fader – or lazier still a PC – and pressing play twice simultaneously, it's the unavoidable culmination of music's decline into retardation. Even its biggest exponent, Richard X, freely admits that his DJ technique relies heavily on the art of starting and then stopping records. Shitmat, mercifully, will make you grin insanely, but it won't be the usual smug, ironic smirk of recognition at just how very clever it is to overlay Justin Timberlake with 'The Birdie Song'. Cunts. Shitmat will simply make you smile because he's fucking great."

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