• Shitmat - Killababylonkutz

    Reviewed by Johnny C (noiseloop.com)

    <b> Shitmat </b> - Killababylonkutz

    Shitmat (aka Henry Collins) is a talented, if disturbed indivivual.10 tracks of sample led breakcore mayhem,make up this fucking mad album.Contained within the mayhem are cameo apperances from such greats as Micheal Jackson,Ace Of Base,The stranglers,and of course Benny Hill and the rainbow theme(i kid ye not). Sounds cheesey? Well it ain't, as long as the listener has a sense of humour and a love of hard mash up breaks,you'll love it. 'Rough Babylon' is exactly what it sounds, distorted drum n bass with the ragga chants of the babylon boy sample speeding up,slowing down,and without warning 'Golden Brown' makes an appearance in a twisted loop.class.SL2s, ahem classic 'on a ragga tip' is torn to shreads on 'on a ragga shit' a kinda happy hardcore for the criminally insane number. 'Rouger babylon' offers old skool breaks mixed with the harder drill and bass sound andn gabba kiks.Magic.This guys goy a hell of an imagination and awesome talent which is showcased in the catchy 'Amen Babylon' breaks,beats choirs,george micheal.... The climax is a sweet mix of Survivors 'eye of the tiger' the benny hill theme, and everyones childhood favourite rainbow.If V snares made a concept album,this would be it.

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