Killa Babylon Kutz (Planet Mu, 2004)

  • Shitmat - Killababylonkutz

    Reviewed by ragudave (

    <b> Shitmat </b> - Killababylonkutz

    Henry Collins (aka Shitmat) has created an album that moves from extreme noise dancehall to sample-heavy drum and bass. On top of this we have some great high speed toasting. The samples are from numerous sources and include the theme to Rocky, Mastermind as well as tracks from The Ruts, Queen, and Michael Jackson. This album shows how reggae, techno, jungle, dancehall and toasting can all be blended together. If you’ve enjoyed the plundertronica of Jason Forrest (aka Donna Summer), DJ Rubbish and Cassetteboy, this album should be of interest. Alternatively, dancehall and jungle fans with an open mind may want to check out how Henry has used rhythms in a innovative and interesting way. John Peel is always playing tracks by Shitmat, and it's easy to hear why. This is modern reggae meets Tigerbeat 6 while still retaining a great sense of humour. This is a crazy album but damn good fun.

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