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  • Venetian Snares - Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding

    Reviewed by nat hawks (elists.resynthesize.com)

    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding

    Albums of the Year (looking over Other Music’s and Pitchfork’s end of year
    lists, I realized that I didn’t miss anything at all like I thought, it just
    wasn’t that great a year for music innovation.)The success of Arcade Fire
    really sealed the deal with me that the indie rock scene has become the
    hiding place for MOR Adult Contemporary. If you’re not super famous you’re
    suddenly up for an “indie credibility account.” Also, seeing Broken Social
    Scene (opening for Pixies) pose and flail with scarves made me feel like a
    boring old person. Here was some very boring rock that had absolutely
    nothing “left of the dial” about it what-so-ever, expect that they were
    CLEARLY young, hip, artistic, and oh-so passionate. Just awful.

    A good year for going through used vinyl bins if you ask me.

    1. Venetian Snares-Huge Chrome Box Slowly Unfolding In Space (Planet-Mu)
    Now that Lord Vader is back in the office, the only thing worth protesting
    is the fact that Venetian Snares does not receive the heaping critical
    acclaim that he deserves. His music is extremely challenging, it’s not for
    everyone, but how these legions of “music lovers everywhere” have failed to
    pick up on this mastermind is too sad. Venetian Snares is one man who lives
    way up in cold Canada. Venetian Snares makes the most traumatizingly
    complicated drill-and-bass I’ve ever heard… it sounds like he sampled every
    single sound that has ever been made and warped them together into something
    so big and ugly and awe-inspiring…vomit-inducing music has never felt so
    right. I haven’t been this challenged by music since I started listening to
    Autechre. Yes, he is THAT good.

    2. Dungen- Ta Det Lugnt (Subliminal Sounds) Amazing swedish retro-psych rock

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