• Venetian Snares - Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding

    Reviewed by Lee Henderson (Junkmedia)

    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding

    Aaron Funk (aka Venetian Snares) doesn't know how to slow down. By my count, Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding is Funk's second album in 2004 and his eighth in two and a half years. Snares can freak the beat with the best of the pickled punks in the IDM carnival, and his compositions rival the best in the genre.

    Funk is a dystopic Mozart, the archangel to Amadeus. Cylinder Box is a breakbeat symphony of pentagrammatic rhythms - dark, sallow tracks that continue the existential style of Funk's acclaimed 2003 album Winter in the Belly of the Beast. Snares' sound is beginning to separate into two distinct lines: the slapstick, hyper-ridiculous drum 'n' bass found on this year's Chocolate Wheelchair, or VSNARES: 2370894 from 2002. The other style investigates the sound of evil.

    What's biographically interesting is to compare the structures and source material of Cylinder Box and its predecessor, Winter in the Belly of the Beast, to the albums he released prior to the death of Funk's father. An audibly significant transformation followed the event - Funk's two-album Doll series was partly inspired by the gruesome murder of JonBenet Ramsay, and the music is a train-wreck of beats, pounding away bloodlessly with all the etiquette of tabloid news. The Doll series isn't exactly cartoonish, but the grim style is a kind of social comment on the cold soul of the media industry. I wouldn't suggest that his two albums since his father passed away are an improvement, just an observation that Funk has found a new inspiration for darkness, and on Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding the struggle is between the antiseptic reality of modern life and the unhealed wound of the human heart.

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