Venetian Snares

  • Venetian Snares - Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding

    Reviewed by Aurelio Cianciotta (Neural)

    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding

    Synthetic drones from the planet Mu for the prolific Aaron Funk (aka Venetian Snares), in a perfect dissonant style reminiscent of old-skool IDM. This is his eleventh album, and confirms his style, receiving praises from his oldest fans and appealing to new fans as well, even if it doesn't make compromises with ease of listening: the sounds are still irksome in their complex polyrhythmic acrobacies, only barely softened by melodies and gloomy dreamlike atmospheres. It's a complex poetic matter, an inspired narration, purposely strident and discordant, which attacks and disarms with its well studied scans; it's a game played with calculated mastery, which doesn't even surprise anymore, dressed as it is with the repetitions of a consolidated formula. Nonetheless, the obscure breakcore of this artist hits the mark again thanks to the crystal quality resonating in his schizoid arrangements, tinged with classical memories in 'Bonivital' or full of toy suggestions in 'Vida', abrasive sequences and rhythms which, as always, stand out in the sharp contrasts. Notes from a dystopic space age, parallel doors open on a space-time which revealed itself during the nineties. Alien languages for the electronic generation grow up with Aphex Twin and Squarepusher.

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