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  • Datach'i - Mmale And Ffemale

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    Datach'i - Mmale And Ffemale

    is it a sin for something to sound so much like aphex twin, circa 1995/6 - 'i care because you do' if it actually sounds great? i mean, there are so many dynamic twists and turns in this record that it remains energetic and entertaining, as well as wonderfully grim and danceable, really moody... however, there are moments when the resemblance is so incredibly uncanny, by which i mean, the bpm, the sequencing, the drum loops and the god damned samples that it's almost time to point the finger and shout 'plagiaarrrrists' in a kind of y6 'ohhhh, i'm telllllinnnn' kind of manner.

    but this album does kick technical arse! the second track, 'penvag' is fast as hell splatter beats with loads of darker orchestral sounds put over the top, the mood having just gloomily been set by the opening chorus drone. that said, when the needle hits track 5, 'dollars for bones' you may cringe with just how similar the music is to afx.

    perhaps this records' similarity to previous richard james recordings can be described at once as it's great strength and it's greatest weakness, in terms of credibility and sound. it sounds great, but there's zero marks for originality there, but for those avidly into the whole aphex phenomenon, craving more after the 26 mixes, this could be a blessing, should you not wish to shoot the producers for re-coining an already minted sound.

    for darkness en masse, you have to check the highlight track 'i'm not afraid to watch you die'. as the name suggests, there's a pretty nasty undertone to the whole thing. like entering into your own silent hill fantasy scenario, the angles of your vision get more and more jarred, and the hue darker every step you take into the track. this continues until you are left in a hellishly dark point of isolation, in which the imagination turns a deep shade of unearthly crimson.

    there are some amazing moments on this album, the production is incredibly sweet, and everything can be appreciated as just killer stuff, if you just disregard how similar it can sound to music that has been produced before.

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