• Datach'i - Mmale And Ffemale

    Reviewed by Gillian Nash (logo magazine)

    Datach'i - Mmale And Ffemale

    This third album from New Yorker Joseph Fraioli is something of a departure from the neurotic pneumatic drilling that defined his early work, and far more accessible as a result, though he’s still prone to spastik hyperkineticism, presumably when he feels things are getting too comfortable. It can be an annoying, frustrating trait; the delicate - and gorgeous - electronic lacework that underpins ‘Dollars For Bones’ spoiled by someone taking the lid off every sound effect ever used in Dr Who, while the neo-Gregorian dystopia of ‘Ed’s Head’ would do good service in both ‘2001 - A Space Odyssey’ and ‘The Exorcist’, until Squarepusher pops by for a metaphorical chat. Unlike most experimental electronica though, ‘Mmale And Ffemale’ is interesting, a soundtrack to unimagined nightmares and the sweetest dreams.

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