• Datach'i - Mmale And Ffemale

    Reviewed by John cochrane (noiseloop.com)

    Datach'i - Mmale And Ffemale

    Joseph Fraiolis' third and first album for Planet Mu is a rather disturbing and worrying encounter.13 intensely dark and abravise tracks kick off with opener 'Eds
    Head' a dark,forboding intro sets the mood,creating an uneasy feel before all hell breaks loose in the form of crazy analogue drum patterns which compliment the harsh melodies,complete with the eerie chants of medieval monks.Spooky.

    This is basically the blueprint of the entire album,atmospheric melodies accompanyed by a tapestry of male choirs,with ingenious complex rythm programing which at first is a bit awe inspiring gets a little tedious towards the end of the album.The menacing feel persists wiyh standout tracks coming in the form of the excellent 'Dollars For Bones' and 'I'm Not afraid To watch You Die' where the Datachi formula really kicks ass.'Dollars..' offres aphex like melodies over the dark soundscapes, where 'Evoling as one' and 'Plainphhied' are pure scary moments of the highest order. The only nag is that it is all a bit too similar and tough to sit throgh in one listen.Oh and make sure Grannys safely in bed.....

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