Album Review: edIT - crying over pros for no reason (Planet Mu)

  • edIT - Crying Over Pros For No Reason

    Reviewed by Dan (gusset)

    <b> edIT </b> - Crying Over Pros For No Reason

    Do you remember DJ Shadow telling us Why Hip-Hop Sucks in '96? Well, edIT tells us why it sucks in 2004, and its because there isn't enough of it that sounds like this (Prefuse 73 being the obvious exception).
    The laid back melancholy of crying over pros... is at the same time brooding and almost oppressive. The heavy use of guitars - similar sounding to Weaver001 - the lead line worth of µ-ziq on Ltlp, the pulsating phased synth pads, all create an atmosphere that the meticulously hectic drum programming tries desperately to break out of. It's like listening to drums trapped inside the rest of the music and they desperately want out, but it's not going to let them.
    The album is a little short at only 39 minutes, although it may have needed a little more variation if it was going to be stretched any further. If Ed Ma's debut album is this good, I'm sure we can expect great things from him in the future.

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