• edIT - Crying Over Pros For No Reason

    Reviewed by Anil Bawa (plan b magazine)

    <b> edIT </b> - Crying Over Pros For No Reason

    I hold Scott Herron in pretty high regard. Not only for producing extremely sophisticated records using limited equipment (Prefuse 73’s tunes are made entirely without the help of a laptop) but for using a broad cultural worldview in such an efficient manner. There’s a richness of music culture compressed into his recordings under various monikers, and it doesn’t often get the credit it deserves. When I met him last year, for example, he pulled out a Lo Borges record and told me it was gold dust. Lo Borges is now one of my favourite Brazilian sleaze balladeers.
    In “One Word Extinguisher” (and the excellent outtakes that came with) lie some of my favourite cuts of 2003. His is a music with a long lifetime and instant appeal.
    Lying somewhere in Scott’s wake, edIT takes some Savath & Savalas with the quieter moments of Prefuse, stitching together an electro slush replete with sounds of things snipping at themselves, sonic heels clipped and stuttered reels of sound jogged in and out of focus. The highly crafted tracks have a character of their own; laments cut ‘n’ pasted to a hyperactive clipboard. The beats stay mid-tempo and explicit hip-hop references are erased. In their place, unfocused nostalgia and the typical ADD-infected percussive norm: it’s heartfelt but tiresome.
    There’s not much throttle pushing here, edIT just kind of coffee-tables his sound somewhat complacently. The cut/paste/stitch fetish that has the electro community pinned down is evident too and there’s still a way to go, but, on the whole, this is a totally revisitable lump of harmolodic tuneage.
    Time to hit the Planet Mu forums and bitch about it with a bunch of Belgian programmers.

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