Planet Mu 2004 preview: Reviews of the first four and a half album releases due from the Mu for next year.

  • Remarc - Unreleased Dubs '94-'96

    Reviewed by Dan (gusset)

    <b> Remarc </b> - Unreleased Dubs '94-'96

    This collection of unreleased dub plates used by Remarc "back in the day" is another essential from the jungle DJ, although perhaps not quite as impressive as the collection released earlier this year on the Soundmurderer album (not to be confused with the artist Soundmurderer who's early drum and bass retrospective was released on Rephlex earlier this year). Tracks like Darkworld and Da Drums show Remarc at the pinnacle of dark drum and bass, whilst the two versions of Bad No Bloodclart show a more reggae like side of the genre. The MCing on Fire is almost perfect and Suicidal is another example of Remarc at his best. If you've bought Soundmuderer and you can't get enough of it, this is another essential release. If you haven't bought either yet and you have to choose between them, it's best to buy Soundmurderer first, but if you can stretch just get both.

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