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  • Remarc - Unreleased Dubs '94-'96

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    <b> Remarc </b> - Unreleased Dubs '94-'96

    I'm easily excited, but a CD with a dope gold graff styled tag on it with a sticker that says "a collection of never-before-heard dubplates of the most rinsing jungle from back in the day, by the Amen break's greatest practitioner," well that's gonna get my ass tingling. This CD is so fun they should prescribe it to miserable fucks instead of that gut rotting Prozac bullshit. Really good jungle could save the world, man. This is even more rinsing than I hoped. No synths, no gloss, just proper raw jungle, hip-hop samples, funk breaks, fucking tight drum editing, murderation in the basslines. 'In Da Hood' is especially live, gots Guru on it and everything.

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