REMARC, Unreleased Dubs 94-96

  • Remarc - Unreleased Dubs '94-'96

    <b> Remarc </b> - Unreleased Dubs '94-'96

    The Sound Murderer once again comes absolutely correct with this compilation of unreleased dubplates, I will say now this is a release that’s had us smiling all week with its deliciously warm old school strings mangled in with the fiercest, most robust Amen breaks the jungle scene delivered almost 10 years ago. “Unreleased Dubs” features 12 tracks of jungle ruffige, Amen breaks galore, super loud 12” pressings and killer bass lines to boot. Open up with ‘Bad No Bloodclat’ which has a killer reggae loop backed by the obligatory sub bass and some goddamn awesome drum editing, proper ruffige!! Remarc’s sound is definitely of the jungle underground, no dodgy piano, no safe synths, just uncompromising jungle brutality, check the class ‘In Da Hood’ with its darkcore beginning, hip hop samples and classy speeded up funk break, all combining to drop a gem of old skool goodness that sounds fresh as you like. For propa darkness check ‘Darkworld’ with its evil tek step beginning that gets really dark when the hoover synths and stabbing bass arrive, delivering a very alien feel, close to the King of Dark Doc Scott’s more harder cuts, genius. I havent had as much fun since the last Remarc release, props to Planet Mu for delivering 4 slabs of unmissable classic junglism. Awesome.

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