Remarc - 'Unreleased Dubs 94 - 96'

  • Remarc - Unreleased Dubs '94-'96

    <b> Remarc </b> - Unreleased Dubs '94-'96

    Unsung hero of jungle, 'Amen' break pioneer and all round good egg, Remarc tore the likes of Roast, AWOL and Thunder & Joy apart with his pure junglism in the Nineties; now he's back to tell us all about it. Following the success of last year's 'Sound Murderer', which saw m-ziq, aka Mike Paradinas, select some of his ruder moments, this latest offering concentrates on Remarc's earlier, previously unreleased tracks. And it's about time, too - some of these beauties haven't seen the light of day since 1994. Introduced by MC Eskman you can be sure this is authentic ragga business and with track names like 'Bad Bwoy', 'Suicidal' and 'Darkaworld' it ain't no walk in the park either. Time to dust down them rave horns, boys and girls.

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