Remarc - Sound Murderer (Planet Mu)

  • Remarc - Sound Murderer

    Reviewed by Vaughan Healey (cyclic defrost)

    <b> Remarc </b> - Sound Murderer

    The first jungilist record I ever bought was Remarc’s Sound Murderer on Whitehouse Records, so I was pretty excited when Planet Mu said they were going to reissue his back catalogue. Back then, it was music with no equivalent, cacophonous anti-music with no resemblance to anything I had heard before. Through the 1990’s, Remarc became infamous for the most twisted and extreme jungilist music around. Remarc releases were scarce and obscure with tracks coming out only sporadically on different labels; Remarc never seemed to be part of a larger jungilist scene. Fittingly, this compilation has been put together by Mike Paradinas’ label Planet Mu: Remarc music has a quality of urban savant more likely to appeal to obsessive IDM fanatics than suave contemporary jungilists. Crucially though, these are track born of a dancefloor genisis: nothing is sacrificed to the funk – somehow it finds its way out of the myriad of warped breaks and bass. Listening to this today, it sounds as radical and unconventional and futurist and funky as ever. There is supposed to be a forthcoming album of unreleased tracks so sit tight and watch the ride.

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