Music review - Remarc's Sound Murderer

  • Remarc - Sound Murderer

    Reviewed by Chris Shively (The University Daily kansan)

    <b> Remarc </b> - Sound Murderer

    Long before Squarepusher, Matmos, Kid606 et al. were creating mangled intelligent dance music, IDM oddities, there was a genre called jungle. High-speed, super chopped-up beats over massive dancehall-style bass was the basic formula. The wave of jungle 12-inches released from 1992 to1996 unintentionally gave the IDM producers that would follow literally every trick they know. During this era, Remarc was the undisputed king of chopping breaks, and this new CD is a compilation of his best work, and an amazing glimpse into a rather obscure art form. There are some upsetting track list decisions, such as why “Ricky” or the original version of “R.I.P.” were omitted, but overall Sound Murderer is excellent and a must have for any IDM or jungle fan.

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