• Remarc - Sound Murderer

    Reviewed by Dhanu (planet dub)

    <b> Remarc </b> - Sound Murderer

    REMARC – SOUND MURDERER It is jungle music like this that you hear on Remarc’s “Sound Murderer” album that helped to lay the jungle foundations back in the early 90s. It is the sound that smashed up the dance floors at Laser Drome, Roast, AWOL and Thunder & Joy. That classic “Amen” break, the ragga and gangsta vocals, and the phat b-lines! This album captures all of these qualities and everything that is the true essence of jungle. Anyone who has been there since day one will know and appreciate this album! The same man who brought us tunes such as Ricky, Cape Fear, the RIP burial tune, and Thunderclap in the early 90s, now brings us this heavy album which is full of original flavour jungle flavour, with new remixes and the Remarc sound that we love. Without a doubt this album is for all the original nuttahs, the original hardcore junglists or anyone that simply wants educating in what helped to lay down the jungle foundations – you’re going to love it! Big up Remarc on this one! Besides Remarc, other artists on the album include Kemet Crew, Simpleton, Schwarzenegger, Bagga Worries, Jooxie Nice, Physics N’ Tricks, MC Fearless, and MC Eksman. Remarc, Sound Murderer Compiled by Mike Paradinas Release date: October 2003

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