• Venetian Snares - Einstein-Rosen Bridge

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    Venetian Snares - Einstein-Rosen Bridge

    Three minutes and I’ve nearly gone stir-fucking-crazy with all this hectic insanity. Zombie toys with machetes go on a frenzied blade attack in a drum shop. On speed!! If a you’re of a classical/musical bent, keeping 7/8 time probably isn’t much of a problem, but hearing Venetian Snares for the first time is an utter, utter headfuck. You have to work it out in your mind, finding the recurring points and assembling them together into a coherent pattern. Gradually it begins to make sense; you’ve got the groove. After that it all seems perfectly right and natural. Naturally insane. If the time signature weren’t enough you’ve got cartoon jungle-tekno raggamuffins brawling with a marching band of Duracel bunny-drummers and lunatic 1950s kids’ TV show voices chanting maniacally: “It’s about time/It’s about space/A lot of strange people in the strangest place”. So this is how feels to be demented! On the other side, the comic mind-melt is replaced by no-less schizoid beats that lunge into Miami bass terrain, low-riding subs and snatches of beat-boxing sprinkled with soft wind-chimey melodies like due on a spider’s web. Is it comforting to know that inside some people’s heads these sounds make perfect sense? As long as they’re not left unsupervised with powertools, yes. Will I ever listen to it again? Actually, I might.

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