• The Gasman - Remedial

    Reviewed by Ben perini (absorb.org)

    <b> The Gasman </b> - Remedial

    from the recurrent themes department, yet another artist gallops onto the scene from the planet mu stable. a newcomer whose real name is as loaded with associations as his moniker, christopher reeves aka. gasman fires off an hour's worth of spastic exposition with his debut album, remedial. by virtue of its varied ingredients, remedial struggles to hold form as a complete album. minor transgression, really.

    murky opening track notwithstanding, gasman dives in with the pacesetter, 'ajax'. replete with plentiful but well fit samples, 'ajax' vibrates with contagious energy. 45 seconds to catch your breath before the gasman dials up more frenzy. the track 'titled' seems to typify gasman as a musician. though the focus is on the pacifying effect of melodious chords, he still fidgets underneath with the harmonic equivalent of counting sheep. like a kid who doesn't want to go to bed at night, but is ultimately defeated by the slow drip of melatonin. reeves seems caught between forms; sleepy atmospheric soundscapes and hyperactive outbursts.

    now for the obligatory reference to the extraterrestrial: 'staid' could be the theme song to an interstellar television drama. solid.

    a few relieving if not interesting ambient selections keep the album untangled. remedial's sound is reminiscent of jega's excellent 1998 ep, card hore, which is high praise coming from this writer. it's always frenetic and nearly as often, it's highly enjoyable. only four tet could keep this impressive debut from claiming album of the issue.

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